Weather, Scrybe and scripts

Damn, it’s a gorgeous day in Oklahoma. Winter is gone, without ever giving us a significant storm. You can feel in the air that spring has arrived. It’s about 80 degrees F, sunshine, blinding blue sky and today I saw a woman in shorts so short her ass cheeks were showing. Does it get any better than that?

Last month I spoke to the Norman Galaxy of Writers and an author there who is involved with a film group mentioned the possibility of adapting Murdered by Human Wolves to film and possibly tapping into grant money Oklahoma has available for film projects. A while back I downloaded a free trial of Sophocles and today I started working on a script for MbHW. Wow. That’s a lot of fun. I’ve written a little over seven minutes worth of script; it only took me about an hour to do it. Of course, I’ll probably get most of it written, my trial period will expire and I’ll have to buy the program just to open what I’ve been working on.

Got loads of updates from Scrybe Press today. Nathan said he expects to have the proofs for Call to the Hunt done this weekend. From the time I correct/approve the proofs to the time he sends my author copies should be about two weeks. In-store availability will be about two to three weeks after that, but he expects to have the book available for pre-order at the Scrybe Web site, at Kayleighbug Books and at Shocklines. I’ll post links when that happens.

He thinks he can get the new version of Shara out a month after CttH. That means I need to get busy, as I haven’t even sent him the corrected manuscript yet.

Nathan said the Scrybe print copy of Seven Days in Benvelovlence likely will be a summer release and he’ll do some re-marketing around Halloween.

He then sent me banners made by Eugie Foster () based on Kirk Alberts’ () fantastic art and told me about a very aggressive advertising campaign he’s undertaking to promote all Scrybe books, with CttH being the predominant title in some of those ads until Shara is released.

Needless to say, I’m thrilled with all this news.

Now I need to go break up some fighting kids.

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