UT victory and the review committee

Congratulations to the University of Texas Longhorns for beating those arrogant Southern California condoms. Errr, Trojans. Unfortunately, at the start of the fourth quarter I thought the Texas defense had a fork in it. They looked exhausted. When USC scored that last touchdown, I gave up and went to check my e-mail. So yeah, I missed Vince Young’s miracle working. Next thing I knew the announcer was screaming that the Texas Longhorns are national champions.

Matt Leinart gets the award for stupidest, most arrogant quote of the night when he said he still believed USC was the better team. If that was true, Matt, it would be you kissing that ugly glass football on the front pages of the newspapers this morning, not Vince Young.

With USC’s loss, Oklahoma’s record-setting NCAA Division 1 win streak from the 1950s is secure for a while longer. And that, other than SC’s hubris, really is the only reason to cheer for Texas. Speaking of OU, we made it back into the final AP poll for the first time since September. (Don’t expect any of this “good for Texas” attitude to carry over into next season, by the way. They’re still the enemy.)

I got a little writing done yesterday, but it was less than 1,000 words, so I’ll hold off on the word meter.

At 3:30 p.m. today I go before the alternative teacher review panel to explain why I want to teach. Many thanks to Lance Hawvermale for telling me what to expect. Lance got his certification a few months ago.

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