Ups and Downs

I had another talk with the VP this morning. He couldn’t remember making the comment about the re-organization hurting me, but when I explained my concern and what I was afraid would happen, he assured me there was no danger of that, then explained the complications of the situation based on Robert’s absence and what the trustees expect from the new department.

I’m still wary, but don’t feel as desperate as I did this morning and over the weekend.

Of course, soon after getting that settled I got an e-mail from my agent. Another rejection. While not from one of the really big publishers, it was from a well established traditional mass market publisher in NYC.

By the way, I saw a message board battle last week in which my agent was being attacked. Somebody involved did some research and quoted from this blog, referring to me as a former Published in America* author who said Lantz sent me a rejection from a major New York publisher. Besides emphasizing the word “former” in that sentence, I’d like to explain why I haven’t named the publishers he’s sent my book to. It just doesn’t seem to be good business practice to announce in a public forum who didn’t want my product. If, for some reason, you feel you need to know, leave a comment with your e-mail address and tell me why you want to know and I might tell you. Or e-mail me directly. But don’t assume that because I’ve made bad decisions in the past that I don’t know a major NY publisher from that Baltimore outfit.

* Remember my earlier post about an agreement not to publicly disparage that company as part of the deal to get my rights back. If you can’t figure out who I’m talking about, just take out all the letters between the bold text to find the company name.

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