Unemployed. Again.

The hammer fell at about 4 p.m. today. Vicki Patterson, the new senior
director, told Art Cotton, the VP, over lunch that she wants to have
two writers. One would do all the news releases and write the alumni
and law magazine and the other would basically be a low-paid flak. Was
I asked if I could do that? Was I asked for my resume? Was I asked if I
had any magazine writing experience? Nope. “She wants to bring in her
own people,” Art said. Why not? That’s what Art’s been doing since he
got there. There is now nobody in any authority position in that
department who was there when Art arrived less than two years ago. All
gone. All gone. Replaced with people he hired without doing job

It isn’t all bad. I was given almost two months’ severance. And the
stress is gone. No more Tums for breakfast. I’m not as depressed as I
was even this morning. Yeah, I’m a bit worried, but at least this time
I’m in the metro and not in Ponca City and it’s not the biggest
employer in town dumping me.

I’m a bit torn on what to do. There are some full-time job leads I
should follow up on. I’d rather spend the two months trying to make a
go of freelancing full time. I’m sure that won’t go over well, though.
Not with four kids to take care of. We’ll see. The first thing I have
to do is get a freaking lawnmower handle so I can mow the back jungle.

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  1. less stress, enough money to figure out something in two months, less stress, you kinda knew but it still sucks… hey did i mention, less stress? enjoy your kids for a few weeks and just think… and enjoy the LESS STRESS!! =)))

  2. Sorry. I’m so sorry. I kind of know that feeling. Frig ’em all.
    But, I have to agree with Horror Wench. Less stress. You knew the under handed way they were conducting business. Not that it makes what happened any easier to swallow. Enjoy yourself for a while. Take a break. Enjoy the kids and writing. I’m sure you’re going to find yourself busier than ever.
    In the end you’ll be the one to come out the winner.

    • Not I, said the unemployed writer. It was really amazing to watch how things power was confiscated, though. Sort of a microcosm of how Hitler placed his people in Germany.

    • Thanks. I have a few leads. Things’ll be fine. I’m going to enjoy a bit of time off. I have a trashy romance novel to finish revising.

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