Underworld DVD

Other than the fact my copy is laying right here beside me on the desk, how do I know Underworld: Rise of the Lycans was released on DVD today? Here are the 10 most recent searches that led people to my site:

  1. spells on how to become a werewolf
  2. i want to become a werewolf spell
  3. how do i become a werewolf
  4. how to become werewolf
  5. how to become a wearwolf
  6. monster librarian
  7. steven e wedel
  8. boobzilla, okc
  9. fencon
  10. become a werewolf


0 responses to “Underworld DVD”

  1. I also appreciate being a werewolf. Thank you Steven Wedel for giving me a special werewolf elixir.
    I rock now.
    Hope that helps the google search results.

    • I figured if you’re going to write about werewolves, you should have some first-hand experience. Just watch out for the pixies!

  2. Google Search
    Ah, but can you make me into a Monster Librarian?
    (and I think wearwolf may be one of those beastiality things that is illegal in most states…)

    • Re: Google Search
      Sorry. Can’t help you on the librarian bit, as you need a degree and more hair, or at least some scales or tentacles. (monsterlibrarian.com is a very cool Web site, by the way)
      Beastiality isn’t illegal in this state, is it??? I mean, you know, if you’re in the shape of a wolf it’s okay to be with big dogs, right?

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