Es wird beendet.

It is finished.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
98,167 / 100,000

It’s unusual for my first draft to be shorter than anticipated, but we’re talking less than 2,000 words, and I’m sure those will be made up in the edit. In many cases I got the story out without developing secondary characters or setting enough. I’m sure the finished version will be right around the estimated 100,000 words.

It’s always a euphoric feeling to finish that first draft. But, with the last few books, I’ve found that the editing is equally as satisfying. The first draft is the wet, dripping clay on the potter’s wheel. Now it’s time to shape it. Ulrik needs some shaping. There are some continuity problems that need to be addressed and I might still tweak the ending some more. And work on some names. When I needed a name for a new character, that person often got a hybrid name based on somebody I know. Most of them are other horror writers. While it may be fun to leave them, I’ve found myself irritated by the same practice when other people have done it.

The ending? Oh, well, it isn’t exactly what I’d outlined. It’s pretty close to the third idea I’d come up with. I also combined the last two chapters into one, so the book is 65 chapters instead of 66 as my outline called for.

Ulrik will always be remembered as my unemployment book. If I hadn’t had those pages to escape into, I’m sure I would be taking anti-depressants by now.

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  1. Good for you! I’m right behind you. Okay, I’m way behind you. But I can see you, at the front of the pack. You’re that tiny speck with the long hair, right?

  2. Ulrik
    It’s always a euphoric feeling to finish that first draft
    And after which draft do I finally get to read it? And save the song and dance for someone who doesn’t know you. I am waiting and not patiently.;)

    • Re: Ulrik
      Hi Anonymous. You can read a draft after you go to bed with me. That’s the price for people who who don’t sign their names when they leave comments here … Kim.
      Happy V-Day!

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