Ulrik update

I’ve spent much of the weekend editing Ulrik, cutting here, adding there. Right now I’m printing a full second draft of the manuscript to give it another thorough reading, then another editing. I just thought I’d post a new word meter since I’m currently over my stated goal of 100,000 words.

Zokutou word meter
100,300 / 100,000

With no newspaper or magazine deadlines this week, I’m hoping to make good progress in proofreading.

This morning I also got an idea for a Western novel. It isn’t fully developed yet, but the basis for the story is there. A little fermenting and some time and it might be worth something.

The New York Times had a nice piece on zombies today. They quoted nice folk like Brian Keene, Bryan Smith, Monica Kuebler of Rue Morgue magazine, and Don D’Auria of Leisure Books. I should provide links to all those people, but I’m too lazy.

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  1. Good luck with ULRIK, Steve. If you ever need a fresh set of eyes to take a peek at it, drop me a line. Unlike Kim, you don’t have to share a bed with me. (Until our fishing trip to Brokeback, that is. Heh.)

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