Ulrik update

About 3,000 more words than at the last update, and I crossed another threshold — the manuscript is now over the 300-page mark.

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    • Re: Killer
      I do one big Word file these days. I used to make each chapter a separate file, but I find it easier to have it all in one file these days. A lot of times I don’t do character sketches for really minor characters, then find I need them for another role, so I can search the document and find their names or description faster than opening individual files. Which method do you use?

      • Re: Killer
        I don’t have a set/preferred method yet but do have the whole story into one at the moment. Sept.05[fencon!] is when I decided to get more serious about writing so I’m still feeling out what will work for me and what doesn’t.
        I’m doing short stories at the moment to experiment/grow. I see how easy it
        is to become bogged down with a ton of outlining, character analysis, flowcharting, index cards, etc. In the end, I prefer the “flashlight and a .45” approach, taking just what I need down into the dark hole that writing can be. I don’t think I’ll ever be an outright “pantser” as I do like some structure to think ahead.
        Hell – I’m still trying to get a regular routine in place so I can work on my ideas/stories but it has helped quite a bit reading the blogs of writers like yourself, M.Bonham and S.Swendson. I do thank you guys for that.

  1. Congrats!! I’m just nearing 100 pages on my first.
    I’ve written a lot of plays and I find that it’s usually not too much to keep the tone I’d like in my head, and a descriptive outline to keep me focussed.
    Characters can develop themselves.
    Charlie Rose (http://www.charlierose.com/) had an author, whose name slips my mind, and he was saying that he’s pretty much the same. He only does on-the-spot research, too. Nice.

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