Ulrik review and an interview

"…Ulrik may be the finest werewolf novel I’ve read."

That’s what Greg Lamberson (glamberson ) had to say about the most recent installment of The Werewolf Saga in a review posted today at Fear Zone. It’s a very, very kind review. I do have to take the … credit … for the ending of Ulrik. It wasn’t a publisher decision. I thought it felt rushed, too, but wasn’t sure how to fix it.

It’s a good day to talk about me online, I guess. The fabulous Carrie Jones (carriejones ) posted an interview she did with me for the Thru the Tollbooth blog she contributes to. We talk about how to build suspense. She’s doing a series of posts on suspense this week, and she interviews more coherent people than me most of the time.

I got the galleys and completed cover for Little Graveyard on the Prairie yesterday. Roy wanted the cover tweaked just a little. When that happens and he send me the update I’ll post it.

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