Tuesday thoughts

I got an e-mail from Nathan today telling me Call to the Hunt is now available at Powell’s. They also have a copy of Darkscapes at the ridiculous price of $22.95, which is $3 more than the inflated cover price. CttH is the regular cover price, though.

If you want a copy of Darkscapes, come see me at the Oklahoma Centennial Book Festival this Saturday. I have two copies of the PA version left and I’m selling them at $7.

Speaking of the book festival, I’ll have a booth, I’ll be doing a group signing, a panel on horror writing (with Charlee Jacob, Brad Sinor and Craig Wolf) and I’ll moderate the science fiction panel discussion. It’s all free, so come on in. And buy my books! Oh, I’ll also be interviewed for the Read About It cable TV show at some point. Got a message from the producer yesterday telling me he enjoyed reading CttH and Murdered by Human Wolves.

I had lunch with Robert today. Three of us went to his house. Robert is my former boss who went in the hospital right after Christmas. He went home last week. I was shocked when he answered the door himself. I have to admit when I first saw him back in January, seeing how bad he was and learning what he had, I didn’t think he’d ever leave the hospital alive. That was a bad feeling. But hell, he’s getting around a little now, is eating and able to talk in something like his normal voice. We sat around and talked about everything from Star Wars to work to The Book of Revelations for almost two hours. Oh yeah, the VP of the department is gone today, so we got away with a two-hour lunch.

I should have some writing news, huh? I don’t. Ain’t done diddly. I did finally register the trial version of Sophocles last night, so eventually I’ll go back to the screenplay of Murdered by Human Wolves. I didn’t touch Shara last night … watched the rather disappointing finale of Everybody Loves Raymond. How was that episode different than any other? Oh well. It was a good series. I thought the episode of Two and a Half Men that followed was much funnier.

The Oklahoma wind is howling today, so there’ll be no work on the accursed shed this evening. Since I put the floor down, I have to get the rest of the roof on soon … before it rains again. Can’t do anything with that flimsy metal when the wind is blowing. So hey, maybe I’ll work on Shara some more tonight.

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