Things suck all over

Shit. Reading other people’s journals this morning is even more depressing than re-reading the melodrama I related last night.

Here’s to things getting better in September. May the crisp winds of autumn bring good things to us all.

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    • Pfft. Puppy. The next time I blow out candles (in April), there’ll be 40 of those suckers. FORTY. Man, I was supposed to be filthy rich with a harem of supermodels before that happened. At this point I’d settle for one or the other.

      • And your wife would take umbridge at the second and take all of the first as she dragged you through the courts. So, in fact, you’re better off where you are.
        Here endeth the free “cheery, Brit-stiff-upper-lip pick-me-up” program. If I pass on any more of that, I’ll have to charge you for it 😉

    • 35? I turned 36 this year and, suddenly, I’m on the wrong side of my mid-30’s! I thought 35 was bad though, especially since I’d moved out of that 25-34 demographic! Argh!

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