The Tooth Fairy is busy

Last night Sara spent at least an hour wiggling and pulling until she
removed a tooth from her head. Tonight I think she spent three hours
working out another one. They needed to come out. Her permanent teeth
were trying to come in behind the baby teeth. So I’ve been sitting here
for an hour, mostly reading a Shocklines thread about one guy I
consider a friends slamming another guy I consider a friend in an eBay
auction. Very bizarre. Oh, but I’m sitting here long enough to be sure
Sara’s asleep before the tooth fairy makes her second visit in two

How did you spend the first day of the Memorial Day weekend? I spent it
working on the accursed shed. But you know what? It’s just about done.
I gotta put on some trim and the doors and that’s it. Then move my crap
into it. Then I can rebuild the back porch. Whoopee! I’d much rather
have spent the day working on Shara.

Kirk Alberts has asked me to scan the rubbing I did on Katherine Cross’s gravestone for the new Murdered by Human Wolves
cover. I don’t have a scanner big enough, and with all the crap going
on at work I hate to ask the graphic designer there to do it. So, since
it is Memorial Day weekend, I might just make another visit to Konawa
and make a rubbing to send to Kirk. I’m very, very excited about seeing
what he’ll do with MbHW.

Okay. Hopefully Sara is asleep. I almost am. I actually fixed some typos and weird mistakes here. What’s left stays.

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