The Things that Keep Us Sane

Being online so much is kind of a double-edged sword. It’s a lot of fun, but pretty distracting. There’s work I should be doing, you know.

Keeping a blog is kind of like playing with an automatic weapon without a safety lock. It’s fun to shoot things, but sometimes you fire a few rounds you probably shouldn’t have. There are some things I won’t put online — squabbles with the wife, current pictures of the kids, etc. But I bitch and complain too much. I try not to paint too dark a picture, but there are some of you who read between the lines … Cheryl.

Anyway, my intention yesterday was just to relate another bad story about PublishAmerica. (As if the Web isn’t already full of them.) But once I got to bitching I ended up cussing Art Cotton yet again. Yeah, he’s a two-faced spineless prick, but he’s in my past now and cursing him does no good. According to The Golden Rule, The Witch’s Rede, and any of the other variations of the “what goes around comes around” saying, he’ll get his eventually. So I’m going to try to let that go.

No ranting today. Just a thank-you to some of the folks who keep me sane with responses here and through e-mail, real life and other means. At the top of the list, of course, is the family — Kim and the kids (although sometimes I think the kids are doing all they can to send me to a padded room). Then there’s Cheryl, Marcy, Gayleen, Paul, Gregg, Meri, Ron, Di, Cherie, Penny, Sheri, Stacy (who I need to e-mail soon), Jason, Lisa, Lance … Maybe this was a bad idea. There are too many good folks out there who are quick to offer advice and support.

Thanks to all of you! And sorry I didn’t offer links, but I am at my part-time job and should be doing other things than looking those up.

Now, speaking of Di … she’s back from a long exile. Diana Barron is another fantastic Canadian, and a writer. Her first novel, Phantom Feast, is out of print now, but it’s really good and likely will find a new home soon. It was a Stoker nominee a few years back. Keep on the lookout for it! Marcy is working to update Di’s Web site, so hopefully we’ll be seeing lots of new stuff up there real soon. I got an e-mail from Di yesterday — the first one in a long, long time — and it was really good to hear from her. She’s a sweetheart, and was one of the first fans of Shara.

By the way, Marcy has set herself up as a contract Web designer and is looking for new clients. So, if you need a Web site, shoot her an e-mail. And tell her I sent you. I’m always collecting brownie points.

Most of my posts lately have been short and/or pretty bleak. Yes, Cheryl, I’ve been in a dark place, but it’s a hole I mostly dug for myself. Yes, Gayleen, I’ve been a bit cranky. And yes, Meri, I also believe life is a pendulum … and it’s time to push the sucker so it starts going the other direction. After this weekend I can return to Ulrik, and that alone will make life better. Too long without writing makes me an insufferable ass.

As if ya’ll hadn’t already caught on to that, eh? (What is it with this “eh?” thing? Damn friendly Canucks getting into my head … next thing you know I’ll be going oot and aboot instead of out and about.)

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  1. Do you mean I was suppose to actually be working when I was at work? *gasp* And here all along I thought that was my free time to play online.
    What’s past is past, good or bad. Embrace the good and learn from the bad.
    Now, dust yourself off and climb outta that damned hole. Study for your tests. Flex those fingers and get back to Ulrik.
    How’s that for giving orders? 🙂
    You’re the best, Steve. And you’re welcome, even though there’s no need to thank me. Eh?

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