The other man

We’re getting our first snow of the season today. Nothing major — we’re supposed to get about one inch. I know   won’t even count that as real snowfall, but I bet the wind we’re getting is stronger than she’s used to. Yeah, that’s right. The frigid wind is battering Oklahoma just like Kevin Williams & Co. will be battering Brett Favre in a couple of days. hehe

So, I left my wife in bed with another man. He’s a younger guy, and much better looking than me. They were both sleeping, side by side, and very peaceful. Yeah, it was my 2-year-old son. Yeah, he’s spoiled. I don’t know why he was in our bed; I slept through whatever the problem was. Is there anything more perfect than the face of a sleeping child? Life hasn’t had time to stamp his features with lines, he hasn’t had experiences that have scarred his complexion … his life is still a completely blank slate and his flawless face reflects that.

Lots of crap to do today. It’s the last work day until Jan. 3. Woohoo!

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