The oddness of Amazon

Shara is out of print, right? Yesterday had three copies listed from other sellers, including one from me. The cheapest one (not mine) sold, and as of this moment Shara has one of the highest sales rankings it’s ever had at Amazon. I’ll never understand how that sales rank thing works.

I won an eBay bid last night for a modem to put in my old HP OmniBook 2000cs laptop. I purposefully bought the laptop without a modem over two years ago, but I decided recently I need to be able to connect to the ‘Net and e-mail when I’m away from home. I’m sure the modem will just cause more distractions, but it’ll help, too. I bought an older laptop so it wouldn’t run a lot of fancy distracting stuff and I’d be forced to, you know, actually work when I’m using it.

Knocked off a few more chapters in the Shara fix yesterday. I’m up to chapter 45, I think; the last chapter I worked on was the one where she gets into Ulrik’s sleeping bag. There’s about 150 pages left to skim through and print, then I’ll buckle down and really read it word for word to find where hard returns vanished to merge paragraphs and such.

I need to finish editing chapter 3 of Bold Bounty today or tomorrow so I can give it to the group on Friday.

I really want to get these two projects out of the way soon so I can focus on Ulrik and the Murdered by Human Wolves screenplay, which I’d like to have finished before Horrorfind in August. My self-imposed deadline for Ulrik is the end of 2005. I also have a few short stories I’d like to work on.

But now, there’s a ton of day job work to tend to.

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