The new job

My new job is with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation’s public affairs office. I’ve known the director and some of the other folks there for a long time, going back to my time as the Mr. Traffic columnist for The Daily Oklahoman. They’re nice people and I’m looking forward to working with them.

Telling the ladies at the South Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce I’m leaving was difficult. I’m very grateful they took me in here and gave me some sense of purpose, as well as a pay check, after OCU dumped me. Going back to a regular schedule after 10 months of complete unemployment would be brutal. At least I’ve still had to get up and go to work in the mornings. And, the ladies at the chamber have been fun to work with.

The contract writing business, doing press releases for companies without marketing/PR departments, may actually do better now. Kind of strange. But, now that I’m leaving the chamber, I’m going to officially become a member so I can get referrals. This is great because I have to give up my freelancing for OKC Business newspaper; I can’t be making interview calls while on the clock at the new job, ya know.

Finally, some sense of normalcy will return to my life. The goal now is to spend more time with the kids before starting the new job April 3 so that when I look back on this un/underemployment period I have more memories than just the stress of looking for work.

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