The movie rush


Ewoks. The little wooden boy actor from The Phantom Menace.
Even Jar-Jar Binks. All is forgiven. I finally got to see Revenge of the Sith today. Wow. I
haven’t felt that after-movie rush like that since at least The Return of the King. I might go so far as to put this final installment of Star Wars
on the same level. I loved it. It was inspiring. I want to write a big,
sprawling epic like that. I want to cut somebody up with a light saber,
too. I’m already thinking of ways to go see it several move times.

One of the best things about any Star Wars
movie is the music. John Williams is brilliant. This episode certainly
lived up to his past work, and even re-introduced pieces from the very
first film.

Man, I remember seeing the first one in 1977. I went with Eric
Thompson. We went to a lot of movies together back then. But that was a
long time ago in galaxy far, far away. Or so it seems. Although, I did
have to drive back to Enid to see this new one. That’s where I grew up,
ya know, although the theater where I saw the first film closed when
the downtown area died.

I’ve tried not to think about work this weekend. I really don’t want to
go back. I just have to keep telling myself it’s only a day job. We’ll
see how the education thing pans out — whether or not I can get my 18
grad credits dirt cheap — before making a full-out effort to leave.
Not that it’ll matter. I’ll always find something to complain about as
long as I have to work for somebody else.

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  1. Yeah, I really enjoyed this movie. Lots of action, that’s for sure.
    And that Obi guy was a sexy distraction from the horrible acting of the Anakin actor.

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