The Brothers Grimm

Don’t watch this. Don’t rent it. Don’t even pick it up on the video store shelf. What an incredible mish-mash of senseless garbage! Mediocre acting, poor character development, cheesy CGI effects and there wasn’t even a damn plot until late in the movie. How bad was it? I actually fell asleep for a little while in the middle and missed whatever happened that turned the ridiculous Italian torturer to the side of the Grimms. Fortunately, I didn’t give a crap.

I expected something along the lines of Van Helsing — a stupid plot, but good effects. Nope. The only reason watching this one didn’t make me as mad as watching VH is because this one couldn’t even engage me enough to piss me off.


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      • ¡My eyes, my eyes!
        The MAIN reason I rented it is because of Terry Gilliam.
        I love Time Bandits, Brazil and The Adventures of Baron Munchausen,
        so I figured there would be something of value despite the reviews.
        What I saw was watered down Gilliam, the decay of a legacy.
        Looking at IMDB, you’ll see that megastars were attached to this and left or didn’t take the bait, instead you get stuck with Damon & Ledger.
        Beer,Beckinsale and the vamp chicks didn’t save VH for me either.
        The CGI was Looney Tunes.I waited for cable on that one.

    • Tedious. That may be the best — and nicest — word for the flick, all right. And yeah, she seemed to be necking with both brothers there at the end. Pathetic.

      • And what a waste of Monica Bellucci! If you’re gonna have Monica Bellucci in your movie, give her more than just a handful of scenes. And don’t hide her under tons of old-lady makeup!

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