Thank God for headphones

All is right with the world today. The mail just went and Sara’s “special edition” copy of Hillary Duff’s new greatest hits CD arrived. That’s a day before it streets, ya know. Yeah, I knew you know that. The special edition CD was only available from Duff’s Web site and is special because it comes with four autographed “cards.” Well, the cards aren’t cards, they’re the same weight of paper the jewell case insert is. And the “autographes” are obviously printed on when the picture is printed. Sara’s happy, but I thought it was kinda nasty to promised autographed cards that aren’t really. Hell, if that counts I had an “autographed” Roger Staubach poster when I was a kid. Oh well. Like I said, Sara’s happy, and that’s the important thing.

And yes, I was a Dallas Cowboys fan in the Tom Landry years. That changed when Jerry Jones bought the team, fired Landry and hired Jimmy Johnson. It became irreversible when Jones hired the mighty Barry Switzer and turned him into a Deion Sanders-loving lap dog. GAH!

Did you hear the Vikings whipped the Chiefs last Friday? Bring on the Packers!

Tonight is back-to-school night at the local elementary schools. My little Amanda will go meet her teacher in an hour or so. I can’t believe my little girl is going to school. She’s in pre-kindergarten; her birthday was a few weeks too late to get her in last year. She’s really excited about it. Sara will meet her fifth grade teacher … she’s hoping she doesn’t get the mean one.

I burned a prototype of my CD ROM giveaway yesterday and sent it to work with Kim so she could get somebody else to test it. It worked on my machine, but I knew what to expect from it. Wanna sneak peek? There’s a novelette on the CD called When Heroes Fail that is made up mostly of deleted scenes from Shara. You can read it here.

And now I need to write an article for MetroFamily.

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  1. Are you saying that gold Stephen King signature on all my hardcovers isn’t the real thing? Why you…
    I don’t like pro ball. I did follow the Cowboys when the King took over but haven’t cared since. I guess now that Roy Williams is there I’ll watch them if they’re on. But I still like the college game. The marching bands, the cool, unique mascots, the moss covered ivory towers on campus… Boomer Sooner!

  2. School? So soon? Not here in New Jersey until after Labor Day.
    “It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” LOL
    Aww, my little Andrew is also going to pre-school.
    Yes,…of course I checked out “When Heroes Fail”. I’ve been waiting impatiently to see it. And, thank you. You know what for,…my face was bright red. Those words really mean a lot to me. And hey, I’ll always be you’re number one.

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