Testing Windows Live Writer

I downloaded Windows Live Writer, which is supposed to make blogging easier. I’m not sure how, as it isn’t really a problem to log in to WordPress and write a blog.

Here wmrtraffice have a picture I’ve inserted. This was my sig when I wrote the Mr. Traffic column for The Daily Oklahoman in 1999-2000. It may be the worst haircut I’ve ever had … and I’ve had mullets.

The Oklahoman gig wasn’t the first time I had a sig picture. Here is one drawn for my sigSteven Says column that I wrote for three years in college. The artist added the opening and closing mouth for me to use it on the Web. I won several awards from the Society of Professional Journalists during the years I used this sig picture.

I knew Tshorthair2he Oklahoman, a very conservative newspaper, would never hire me if I went to my interview with long hair. Hours before my interview, I went to the on-campus hair salon and had my pony tail cut off. This became my new sig for my college column after the hair butchery. It went from this to the first picture up above as I worked for the paper. Funny how employers will get hung up on a guy’s hair rather than his ability to do the job for which he’s being hired.

Okay. I’m going to try publishing this test blog.

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  1. I know what you mean about the hair. I spent twelve years with long hair, but once I finally decided to shave it all off, I never regretted doing so. No more hair in my face during sparring matches in martial arts! Besides, once I got over 35 years of age, I started getting self-conscious about how people viewed me because of the long hair thing. It was beginning to draw the wrong kind of people into my professional and personal orbits, if you know what I mean.

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