Tamara Thorne and James Beach

For those who don’t know, I’m the editor of Horror World’s e-newsletter What’s on Board. The next installment will be out soon and include my interviews with Tamara Thorne and James Beach. To sign up, go to Horror World and send Ron and Nanci an e-mail via the link on the front page.

Tamara Thorne seems to be
not only a very talented author, but quite an interesting person. She
co-hosts a radio show on the paranormal. There’s a ton of info on her
Web site. My Horror World column focuses on her Web site.

James Beach is the editor of Dark Discoveries
magazine. This is a fairly new magazine, but he just signed a contract
with Ingram for distribution, so hopefully you’ll start seeing it on
your local racks soon. The column will be about his start-up and what’s
coming up next, etc. Should be fun. I usually interview a book
publisher for this piece.

That is all. Just wanted to let ya’ll know about the pending interviews so you could get signed up if your interested.

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