Taking a break

I’ve been working on the MbHW script most of the afternoon, but my concentration was horribly interrupted by Sara. That girl has the worst taste in music. I mean, Hillary Duff was bad enough, but now she’s listening to Raven Symone (probably spelled wrong). Remember her? She was the kid they threw onto The Cosby Show when the girl who played Rudy got too old to be cute. Raven has her own show on The Disney Channel now. And she’s released at least one horrible CD that I’m currently drowning out with a Jim Steinman mix I made a while back.

I love Steinman’s songs, especially with Meat Loaf singing them, but I don’t work so well with vocals. I should have grabbed the Sleepy Hollow soundtrack to drown our Raven’s noise, but it wasn’t as handy as this CD.

Have I posted the link to Whack Your Boss with Office Supplies Yet? It’s incredibly therapeutic when you’re wrongfully unemployed. Go ahead. Let it load. It’s well worth it.

I took myself out of the running for a job today. The one I interviewed for last week. It just wasn’t going to pay enough. I can make about that much on unemployment, if it comes to that, and I’d get the satisfaction of making OCU pay the unemployment.

We went to Moore’s Independence Day festival last night and Jake found himself a girlfriend. I was in line with him and Amanda so they could ride the ponies, when the little girl in front of us, who was also 3, started telling Jacob he could ride with her. “You can ride in front and I’ll ride behind you and hold you,” she said. Pretty soon she was holding his hand and asking his name and age. She was almost 4. It was all very cute. Then we got closer to the horses and Jake decided he didn’t want anything to do with anything that was going on — no horses, no girl, nothing, and he didn’t want to be anywhere near the ponies. Amanda rode a pony, though.

Ah. The fight is on again. They’ve been at each other most of the day.

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  1. aahh…
    Only three and already a ladies man.
    Recycling this kid-actors to be singers (and I use the term loosely) seems to be Disney’s new strategy. Might be a good idea if they actually had talent.
    I realize I’m a little music challenged, and I know I’ll come off geeky – but isn’t there a Meat Loaf song about giving your throat to the wolf with the red rose?

  2. The story about Jake is just too cute.
    Do you have a deadline for the MbHW script?
    Ah, Jim and Meat, my favorite!
    Will he offer me his teeth?

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