It’s Sunday. I don’t have to go to work tomorrow. But, in a way, I
will. My editor at OKC Business News has promised to increase the
number of freelance stories she’s giving me. I was down to one per
deadline because I was so busy that old job. I used to do up to four
per deadline (bi-weekly) before Robert got sick and I began doing his
work, too. My editor, Shelly, is going to see about getting me some
work with the business paper’s sister publication, the Oklahoma
Gazette, too. That would be good. The Gazette is a fun, mostly
entertainment based, alternative paper. I’m supposed to call her
tomorrow to discuss the new arrangements.

Yesterday I sent out many queries about one part-time job and many
freelance jobs and a couple of adjunct teaching possibilities. This is
the new thing I face. If these places respond negatively, I’ll have to
decide to either abandon the hope of working as a freelancer/consultant
and really pursue another full-time job, or become more frantic in my
search for freelance opportunities. Either way, a new kind of stress is
peeking over the horizon.

I would so rather get a reliable part-time job and supplement that with
freelance/consulting/adjunct work. I don’t want to have all my eggs in
one basket again and be at the mercy of a single unreliable employer
again. If I’m spread out and one client dumps me, it isn’t the end of
the world. If I get screwed over again like I did at OCU and Conoco,
I’m right back where I am now. I’m still relieved OCU is over, excited
about the possibility of the future, but starting to get just a little
nervous. Hopefully, some of the nervous part will be relieved when
those I’ve queried return to their jobs tomorrow and begin answering my

In writing news, I made more progress on Shara
yesterday. I expect to finish the mark-up editing today and maybe even
get all the changes made to the manuscript today, too. I’m going to
write a short author’s foreword to go with Gord’s introduction, then
the book will go to Scrybe for pre-production work and I’ll focus on Bold Bounty for a while.

Oh, and for those who have wondered, I got the lawn mower handle
replaced yesterday and the back yard jungle has been levelled. I bought
the lower half of the handle used for $6.

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  1. Just take one step at a time. You’re going to go into overload worrying about everything.
    Good deal! Six bucks? The landscaper in me says, a man and a lawn mower. What could be better?

  2. Ahem… in my best Costanza voice: “It’s the Summer of Steve! The Summer of Steve!”
    Good luck with the Gazette. That thing is always chok full of good writing, so you’d fit right in.

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