Sunday morning thoughts

Here it is, Sunday morning. A few random thoughts from me as my wife cleans the toilets.

I gave in on the earring for my son’s birthday. He and his best friend went to Claire’s Boutique and got their ears pierced.

I want to include my short story “Wandering John” in Darkscapes, but I lost it in the computer crash of ’04. So I had to retype it. That’s a long story, and Andrea’s dialogue is written as she says it, so that means misspellings. Today I’ll read it again, then drop it into the book and get that ready to go.

I’m also proofreading my 2005 Free Sampler. This is a self-pubbed chapbook containing excerpts of work I have available or coming in 2005. I made one last year and it really moved at conventions and signings. And I know in at least a few cases it got people to buy my books.

We watched I, Robot last night. The best thing I can say about it is that it made me want to read the book. Yes, that is an admission that I haven’t read it. The movie wasn’t horrible. Will Smith is really good in that type of role. I hated, hated, hated the Matrix-style camera shots during the fight scenes. The fight scenes themselves pretty much sucked with all the wire work and such. That’s never realistic and just distracting. At least to me. But then, my newly pierced 13-year-old son likes that stuff. Hell, he even liked Van Helsing. For myself, I can’t understand why film makers keep doing the wired fights.

Speaking of fights, the kids are at it again, so this blog is over.

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