Strange dreams invade my sleep at night

Anyone remember the song lyric in the subject line?

Anyone interpret dreams? I had an odd one last night, just before the wife woke me up to tell me the 2-year-old boy was crying (why wake me up when she was already awake?). In the dream there was an elderly couple operating some kind of massive cargo ship that seemed to be more like a railroad locomotive. There was almost no space for the people, except at the very back of the ship where all the controls were. At one point, the woman had to get around the man and the only way she could do that was for him to let go of everything and press himself up against the exposed side of the ship. His only supporting contact was his chin, which he rested in a groove of the ship’s design. His hands held nothing. A slight roll of the ship probably would have sent him flying out to sea. In the dream, it was night and the sea was getting pretty rough. The man went through a door into a tiny sleeping area, leaving the woman to guide the ship, and I remember wondering how he would know if she was swept overboard by the rising waves.

Strange dream.

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