Storm’s a-comin’

Don’t you love it? You can feel the storm moving toward you. The untamed power of a storm is pretty damn thrilling. I don’t know what this one will be like, but the wind is up, the clouds are in and the air has that special feeling that builds prior to a release of violence.

Speaking of violence, I’m down to three kids, but won’t be needing to buy meat for a while.

I’m kidding! (So far …)

Today I made Lisa’s revisions to the Murdered by Human Wolves script. Some of her suggestions were purely technical, but she made a couple of story suggestions I just loved and had to write into the script. It’s all done now. I’ve printed the entire script for the first time and it’s laying here beside me.

Today began with a call from that big corporation needing a freelance writer. Unfortunately, the person I talked to said she’d call me back later in the day to arrange a face-to-face meeting, and she never did. I avoided the phone, avoided the Internet and only left the house once in anticipation of her calling back. This meant not using the phone to do interviews I need to do for another place. Tomorrow will be a busy day as I make up for what I didn’t get done today. I know, I shouldn’t have ignored the other work, but we’re talking a BIG company here that pays serious money for consultants.

Many weeks ago I also mentioned a potential collaboration with an unnamed partner with nice connections. He’s a busy guy, but he sent me another e-mail today to let me know he’s still interested. We’ll be meeting next month. Not sure when there would be something that could actually be announced, assuming we agree to work together.

The mighty Alice Cooper has offered his new CD Dirty Diamonds online for a limited time. I’m trying to listen to it, but my crappy dial connection is only giving me about 2-second sputters of music followed by equal silence. Hard to make a determination on the music. But, it’s Alice, so I’ll be parting with some money when it’s available. You can try it by clicking here.

It’s 9 p.m. here in Okieland. Time for kids to go to bed, right? Where’s my whip and chair?

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