Storm of the … week

We had a big ol’ storm move through early this morning. Remnants of it are still passing over, but the high winds are gone. When it woke me up and I turned on the TV they were talking about wind gusts over 70 mph. Incredible lightning, too. And lots of rain and a bit of hail. This morning there are tree limbs all over the yard and the wooden privacy fence on one side of the back yard is down (the people who lived there before — strange folks — did a really crappy job of putting that fence in and it’s never stayed up right). But hey, my shed didn’t blow away.

I read Matt Warner’s entry to Storytellers Unplugged the other day and have felt guilty since. He wrote about Web sites. Mostly, I’m doing everything right, according to him, except keeping the first page refreshed with new content. I need to do that, but am not sure what to put there. Matt recommended news, which is sort of what’s there, and there’s just nothing newer to report, but that page has been there for months. If I get bored in the next few days I may see what I can put together.

I realized the other day that in the press of hating my job, then getting canned, I haven’t kept up with my monthly giveaways. I’ll be fixing that soon, so if you’re not signed up to my Yahoo news group, go to my Web site and do that. I’ll be giving away prizes for May, June and July.

Happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans, and happy July 4 to those of you not lucky enough to live here.

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  1. Hi Steve,
    Thanks for the plug about the website column. Just to clarify, though: it was for Horror World, not Storytellers Unplugged.
    As for suggestions for your homepage news, remember that anything having to do with you is news: a new book review (by or about you), a short story reprint, a contest, an appearance, an interview, a new photo gallery. Hell, I’ll even link to a Shocklines thread when it gets “controversial,” like when people got into a huge debate about my April column on Buffy and Angel.
    Good luck!
    Matthew Warner

    • Whoops. My mistake. I’ve been reading too much online lately. Here’s the correct link.
      Sounds like I need to strip down the front page so I can update it in a matter of minutes. Thanks for the ideas!

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