Thank you for your interest in purchasing my books! Below are links to some online retailers, and I’ve already done the search for you, so clicking the links will take you directly to my books. Your favorite brick-and-mortar store can order any of my books, too, assuming they don’t already have them in stock. 

My Amazon Page — This is the link for everything I have at, including Kindle exclusives and anthologies I’ve contributed to.

Audible Audio — Many of my books are available on audio now so you can enjoy them on your road trips, while working out, or use them to put yourself to sleep.

Barnes & Noble — The other online giant has all of my paperbacks and some ebooks.

My Square Store — Because I’ve been moving and whatnot, this one isn’t really a good option at the moment. I do have copies of most of my books on hand, so if you’re wanting a personalized copy, just e-mail me at steve(at)stevenewedel(dot)com and let me know. 

Please consider leaving reviews after you read my books. They help more than you might think.

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