Stone in Love

No googling. Who recorded the song in my subject line? I heard that this morning as I drove to work. Lots and lots of memories associated with that song. That entire album, really. Man, I was stupid the year that one came out. That album always conjures memories of that winter and the stupid-ass mind games Kim used to play to “test” me. And I always tried to “pass” her tests. These days if she tried that shit I’d open the door for her. Not that I don’t love my wife, but that high school girl stuff was ridiculous.

But it was long ago and far away and … well, different than it is today.

So, I get a call this morning from somebody in a vice president’s office. She wants to know if the chairman of our board of trustees has called me yet. Seems my boss always wrote the chairman’s commencement speech. How lame is that? With my boss still in the hospital, that duty will fall to me, I was told. I mean, it’s one thing for me to write talking points for our president’s speeches; he’s a very good public speaker and only needs notes to remind him of specific details. I have no idea what the chairman of the trustees wants. I’ve never heard him do more than introduce somebody else at an event. And how do you get elevated to such a position if you can’t write your own freakin’ speeches?

And the person who called wants to take what I write to the hospital for my boss to edit. That’s a whole other can of worms. As a friend of the boss, I think it’s crazy that somebody would take work to the guy while he’s in the hospital getting shot with chemo and treated for his various other illnesses. But there are other issues involved. Long-term issues that some people on campus refuse to acknowledge.

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  1. E5C4P3
    See, that is how “Escape” looks on the album. And this album contains one of my top 10 favorite Journey songs: Mother, Father.

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