Stokers and sickness

Damn. I felt this coming on Friday. Yesterday was worse, but today I woke up with a thick coating of snot in my throat and I can’t seem to get rid of it. My glands in my throat are swollen. It hurts to talk and is hell to swallow. Sara called from a friends a little bit ago and thought she had the wrong number because she couldn’t recognize her daddy’s voice. Kim had to work, so I’m home with Alex and the babies, and they, of course, are fighting.

The official HWA preliminary Stoker ballot came out yesteday and Murdered by Human Wolves is one of several works in the Long Fiction category. Seeing the ballot reminds me of all the reading I’ve missed. Fortunately many people on the ballot are offering PDF or actual copies of their books and I’m requesting lots of it. No way I can read it all, but I’ll look at everything and read all of what grabs my attention.

Scrybe is still offering free copies of MbHW at active HWA members. E-mail Nathan at editor(at) Or e-mail me for an uncorrected galley PDF — stevewedel(at)

It’s noon. Maybe a shot of rum would burn away the throat snot … or dull the squalls and tattling of the kids.

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