Stokers and ’70s

The nominees for this year’s Horror Writers Association Bram Stoker awards was announced this morning. I didn’t make the final cut. Oh well. Lots of tough competition, as usual. I don’t look forward to the decisions I’ll have to make voting on this final ballot. The fiction collection category especially is going to be hard because I’m not sure I can choose between Douglas Clegg’s collection and Thomas F. Monteleone’s. They’re both incredible books. We’ll see. It’s not like I have to vote today.

Here’s another public thank you to Nathan Barker at Scrybe Press for his willingness to promote Murdered by Human Wolves for the Stoker Award like he did. Thanks, Nathan!

On the drive to work this morning I was listening to a mix tape I dug from under a seat in the car. I hadn’t listened to this one in a while, as it didn’t turn out very well. The tape players/recorder on my home stereo is going out. Anyway, I’d put a bunch of songs from the 1970s on this tape. What a hoot. Kiss’ “Love ’em, Leave ’em,” Wild Cherry’s “Play that Funky Music” and Dr. Hook’s “Roland the Roadie” are some of the songs that played this morning. Being a kid in the ’70s was fun. Kiss was in their prime and their real faces were still a mystery, it was safe to trick-or-treat door to door, the Sylvers had “Boogie Fever,” “Grease” was one of the best movies ever and early puberty was enhanced by “Charlie’s Angels” on TV. Good times.

Things at work took another turn yesterday. I had a talk with the VP and was reassured, then he talked to that person who lied to me about the VP … and she lied to him about me. Things will get interesting soon.

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  1. Sorry to hear you didn’t make the cut, Steve. I got axed too, but I’d figured that’d be the story. Both the collection and the story were fairly lightweight. I’m hoping for better results next year. A couple of the stories I’ve sold in the last couple of months are wearing big hairy swinging coconuts.

  2. Stokers and ’70s
    Why did I read this blog this morning? “Play That Funky Music” has been running through my head all day!
    You know I’m sad to hear about the Stoker award. Well, brush it off, there’s always next year.
    What in tarnation is going on at your day job?

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