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I finally got around to making some recommendations for HWA’s annual Bram Stoker Awards. I found two surprises when I went to the list of current recommendations. The alarming one is that Gregory Lamberson’s Personal Demons wasn’t yet recommended in the First Novel category. The recommendation deadline is coming up. Works have to have at least five recommendations to move on to the preliminary ballot. It’ll be a shame if Greg’s book doesn’t make it. It’s an excellent read that literally had me cursing him as I looked from the end of one chapter to the clock, calculating the number of hours until the alarm went off. If you’re an HWA member, give some thought to reading the book and recommending it. If you’re not, just read the damn book and thank me later.

The other surprise was that I have two short stories recommended. “Of Witches and Werewolves” from Call to the Hunt and “The God of Discord” from the newly released Corpse Blossoms anthology. Neither has enough rec’s to move on, and I doubt they will, but it was nice to see that a few people enjoyed them enough to recommend them. (Yes, if you’re a member and you care to read them for free, I can send you electronic copies.)

The number of recommendations seems to be down this year. I don’t know if that means members are being more thoughtful about their choices or if fewer people care about the awards and so just aren’t recommending anything.

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  1. Good on ya for turning in some recs!
    I’ve been rec-shy, because most of what I’ve read and liked I feel I can’t rec because I’m friends with the authors.

    • Y’know, I always feel that way, but then I think – “Heck, this is really good work that deserves a nod, and I DARE anybody to tell me I’m voting for it only because I know the author!” It’s true that I probably tend to read more stuff by people I know, but I won’t recommend something unless I really think it’s awards-worthy.
      So I say – rec away, Lucy! We need more recs!

  2. Steve, as happy as I’d be to have you recommend PERSONAL DEMONS for a Stoker, the effort would be for naught: it’s inelligible, because the limited edition hardcover snuck in the previous year. I actually did get several nods in the Best First Novel category, and made the preliminary ballot, but both James Newman (for MIDNIGHT RAIN) and I failed to make the final cut. As I understand it, some guy named Lee Thomas beat out Kelly Clarkson for a recording contract deal, for his novel STAINED. Thanks for thinking of me as award-worthy, though!

    • Ah. Well, that explains a lot. And, unfortunately, gives away my senility since I didn’t remember the book being on the prelim ballot last year. I do remember that battle between Lee and Kelly, though.
      It’s still a hell of a good book. Now that I know it’s been out that long I can start nagging you about getting another one published.

  3. Stoker recs
    I’ve got to reup (it’s a line item in the budget, so I’ll be doing this Real Soon Now) but when I do I’ll recommend “God of Discord”, because it’s stuck with me ever since you read it at Pandamonium. Really good story.

    • Re: Stoker recs
      Craig Wolf. Craig … Wolf. Hmm. Seems I might have seen that name when I was looking over the Stoker recs. Good luck!
      Not that I’d ever troll for votes, but … if you really want to get in on the recommendation process, you have to get back in before Feb. 15.

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