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Well, I didn’t personally make the list, but I’m damn proud to be part of Corpse Blossoms, an anthology that did make the list. Here’s this year’s final ballot, as posted by the Horror Writers Association today. If rumors are true, it will be very interesting to see if father or son wins the Long Fiction category. I’ve not read Joe Hill’s book yet, but I’m very intrigued and looking forward to it. (I’d never heard of it until it showed up on the preliminary ballot.)

I’m also glad to see Gary A. Braunbeck so well represented on the list. And Charlee Jacob finally made it to the final ballot! You’d never guess Charlee is so nice if all you knew about her was her fiction. No one delivers a more poetic and brutal literary drubbing than Charlee. There are several categories where it’s going to be very difficult to choose which work is the most outstanding.

In my own writing news, there isn’t a whole lot to say. I got an excellent blurb for Amara’s Prayer from a fantastic author today. I didn’t ask if I could post it here, so I won’t. I then queried an agent recommended to me by a Texas friend. This agent has a good track record of domestic and foreign sales to major publishers.

The first week on the new job is over. It was okay. About what I expected, really. I haven’t contributed much yet, but I have learned quite a bit about how ODOT does things internally. Hopefully next week I’ll get my own computer login code and ID badge so I don’t have to wear the EMPLOYEE sticker all the time. It just shouts, “Hey, look at me, I’m new!”

Sara’s dog, Daisy, is fully recovered now, by the way. She’s back to chewing on everything, chasing people through the house, etc. Ladybug’s banishment to the bag yard ended with a haircut yesterday, so both dogs are in the house. Daisy thinks Ladybug’s floppy cocker spaniel ears are the perfect chew toys. Ladybug tends to disagree, however.

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  1. Yea, brother…
    Spot on about Charlee Jacob. Beautiful, sweet woman. Then read her books. ;>
    Greatness for those of expanded/mature tastes. You’ve got to see her at “Cons”, she really stands on her own. The Real Deal. Does she have a website yet?

  2. Hey Steve, congrats on the new job. Hope it works out for you, man.
    And ditto on the comments about Charlee. BTW, she’s going to be interviewed for Sci-Fi Wire this week regarding her nomination.

  3. I wanted you to know about UTA’s literary Web-zine. It’s called Z-nine and our submission deadline is April 19th.
    To submit send an e-mail to Visit for more information.
    I didn’t mention it before, because I forgot that outside submissions could be made.
    I do have to point out that the Web site looks pretty plain, but I’m going in charge of the re-design for this semester and here’s an example of some of a 2002 design I also designed my Web site, but that’s even older.

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