Still MIA

Still no word on Marcy and G Italiano. Today I talked with a lady at Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs’ Emergency Operations Centre in Ottawa. The only thing I learned is that Marcy’s mom has already contacted them. They don’t know where G and Marcy are. Still no connection on the cell phone, so they likely have not been evacuated to Houston. Or anywhere else where the cell towers are still standing. I’m really pretty worried, especially if the damn TV news is right and New Orleans has become the hell they say it is.

But then, most of you know what I think of TV news, anyway. Real journalists work in the print media. Having worked some death scenes side-by-side with TV people … well … they disgust me.

I’m back to reading Shara today. Slow going, especially since Jacob is sick. Amanda was down first and now Jake. Sore throat, ear infection, upper respiratory infection, high fever. At least it all waited until we got on the insurance plan at Kim’s job. Still, it’s rough to see my little ball of fire lying listlessly on the couch.

 Amanda has her first pre-Kindergarten homework assignment. She’s excited about it. Not sure how me reading a book to her is homework for her. (Not that I mind, of course.) What I do mind is that we had to buy snacks for 20 kids with her school supplies. She’s in school 2 1/2 hours a day and has to have a snack? No wonder kids are fat. Less than two weeks after school started the teacher sent home a note saying they were out of snacks and every student needed to bring more goodies for 20 kids. I thought you had to be in a labor union to get a snack break every 75 minutes.

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  1. Holy crap, I didn’t even think of that and I fucking LIVE in Ottawa!
    Well, okay, just outside of Ottawa. But I grew up in Ottawa and still work there.
    Steve, if you want to save on long distance (insert telemarketing joke here), I’d be happy to give them repeated calls and supply any updates they can provide. Shoot me a contact name and/or number if you want and I’ll hound ’em.

    • Duh. Why don’t I just post the numbers here? It’s been a long day.
      I got an e-mail from Nicolas Pypops with this number below his name — 996-8885. But I called this toll-free number he gave — 1800-387-3124 — and talked to a lady whose name I didn’t catch because she answered the phone in French. I wasn’t expecting that. Shoot me an e-mail at one of the addresses I posted if you learn anything.
      I’ll be calling again tomorrow, too. Somebody somewhere has to know something. The hotel lines are down, of course.

      • I also tried calling the hotel yesterday myself. Figured, what the heck, maybe someone might be there. Obviously, all I got was the Hotel’s recording.

  2. Will do Steve, thanks! Maybe getting a call from someone local will make a difference, maybe not.
    Oh, and my new addy is: ron.dickie at
    If I find out anything, I’ll scream it from the roof tops. Oh, and email you too since you probably won’t hear my screaming way down there. 😉

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