Steven Says

Sometimes it isn’t easy being a writer and being a member of the only minority group others can legally discrimiate against. But, as a long-haired heterosexual white male conservative, I’ve decided to fight back to some degree. I’ve resurrected my award-winning Steven Says column in which I espouse conservative thought.

I’ve just made my second post to this new blog. I plan to post new thoughts weekly, using the blending of humor, facts and bravado that earned me two Mark of Excellence awards for personal column when I wrote Steven Says on a regular basis in 1998 and 1999.

You can check out Steven Says at I’ve enable the replies option, so you can tell me if you agree or think I should be muzzled.

In other news, the Enid High School class of 1984 reunion was fun. Several old friends were there, though certainly not everyone I’d hoped to see. There were some guys there I’ve known since kindergarten but, except for Greg, haven’t talked to in more than the 20 years that has elapsed since graduation. Seems odd that you can know someone for that long and be completely out of touch.

In writing news, Blackridge Entertainment has put a little something on their Web site about the film project that will include my short story “Reunion.” The film has been named “Schizm.” You can see the news at

That’s all for now.

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