Somebody’s been spending

My sales numbers took another jump today. Even Darkscapes
jumped back into the 100,000 range after sinking to like 1,300,000.
Hopefully all copies of that are sold now. At least from Amazon’s
stock. I’ll be glad when the new versions of that and come out. It
sucks to look at Shara‘s sales
number jump and know I’ll never see a dime of royalties from that.
Anyway, thanks to whoever bought the books. I hope you like them.

Speaking of books, The Prometheus Syndrome
is printed, packaged and ready for mailing. I’ve already sent Lantz the
electronic version. He doesn’t know it yet, but he’s getting something
else in the box, too. Today I gave Songbird
another quick edit and printed off a couple of copies of it, too. This
is my short children’s novel. I think I submitted it to one publisher
about 12 years ago and that’s it. Can’t even remember who it was. I
don’t know if the book is salable or not, but I thought I’d send it and
see if he could do anything with it.

I had the most bizarre dream right after falling asleep last night. I
know what brought it on, but still … it was intense. I probably
shouldn’t blog about it because it involved sticking a dagger I own
into the throat of somebody who wronged me six years ago this month.
The imagery was incredibly vivid and it didn’t help that I went to
sleep listening to Midnight Syndicate, so there was the perfect
soundtrack mingled in with the events. The dream woke me up and I was
mad and disturbed and couldn’t get back to sleep for a long time.

I got the contract for “The God of Discord” today. This is the story that’s going in the Corpse Blossoms anthology. The pay is actually more than I expected.

A few days ago I made the switch from MS Outlook and Internet Explorer
to Mozilla Thunderbird and Firefox. So far, I’m not happy with the
switch. Firefox seems much slower; pages take a long, long time to load
and often my Web-based mail comes up with a screen that’s several days
old and I have to manually refresh it to see my new mail. I just got
Thunderbird working today and I’m not thrilled with the functionality
of it, either. But that could be because I set it up with
steve(at) as my primary e-mail address and that’s
different than what I had for Outlook.

This evening I went to Borders in Norman to see if their five copies of Darkscapes
were marked down 75 percent like the ones the OKC store had. They
weren’t; they’re still trying to sell those suckers at full price. Ha!
But being a book addict, I didn’t leave empty-handed. I picked up
Joseph Campbell’s The Power of Myth, something I’ve meant to read for years, and Aesop’s Fables
translated by Laura Gibbs. Dr. Gibbs was one of my thesis committee
professors. She’s a great lady. I miss our conversations about the
evolution of goddess worship. I used to have some kind of book club
collections of fables by Aesop when I was a kid. I remember my mom
reading it to me, then reading it myself. Fun stuff. I look forward to
Dr. Gibbs’ translations.

If I owe you e-mail, sorry for the delay. Work has been crazy, then I
had the chance to work on my books this weekend and had to do it.
Tomorrow will be very, very busy at work and I probably won’t get a
spare moment. Maybe Tuesday. I don’t know. Rabbi Harold Kushner is on
campus Wednesday, so there are media arrangements to be made. And I
have to find a babysitter so I can attend his evening lecture. I look
forward to it. Then Elie Wiesel visits next week. But what’s killing me
is the plethora of “little” releases I’m having to do.

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    • Ha! Don’t worry about it. You have to a be a very special piece of shit to make me dream about doing something like that. The guy in question is just such a piece of shit. And then some.
      I got an e-mail about you today. It’s from Gloria Treague, who we met when we did that signing at Borders in Tulsa way back when. She wants to know if you have any new books.

      • I remember Gloria! Nice, nice lady. I received something about one of her Tulsa signings some time back but could not make it. Felt terrible about it.
        Unfortunately, you probably know the answer to her question. But I did finish a new short story last week. Somehow.
        I think by mid-July work should be better and I’ll be back to my usual writing schedule.

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