Some Web Stats

Being January 1 of a new year, I logged into my host account today to see how my Web site did in 2005. My site had 31,595 pages sent in 2005, with the most active month being November. There was an upward trend each quarter of the year, which is very nice. Thanks to everyone who has visited me!

I was a little surprised by one statistic. My LiveJournal account, where I’ve been quite active for the past year, is No. 10 in my Referring Site Report. However, my MySpace account, which I’ve only had for a few months and have done very little with, is way ahead of LiveJournal as the No. 6 most popular referring site. I have no idea why that is, but it makes me wonder if I shouldn’t spend a little more time doing something with MySpace since the purpose of both, really, is to drive people to my main Web site.

In other news, happy New Year! May your hangovers fade away quickly and you never remember the embarrassing things you did last night.

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