Some nice guys

There’s this little girl named Devon, see. And she has cancer. It’s
bad. Real bad. Some guys did and are still doing some incredibly good
things for her. So I’m asking you to support them.

Brian Knight introduced Devon to the horror community. He worked with
Matt to put together some eBay auctions to raise money. Go visit Brian’s Web site. Buy one of his books if you can.

Matt Schwartz ran the auctions, despite dealing with some health problems of his own. Matt runs online book store. Buy your books from Matt. You won’t meet a nicer guy or have a better online buying experience.

Harry Shannon is spearheading an effort to bring Devon to Hollywood, to
Disneyland, the beach and other Southern California places a little
girl would love. He’s doing this on short notice and he and his friends
in the area are paying the expenses. Go visit Harry’s Web site and buy his books (from Matt, of course) if you can.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were more people like Brian, Matt and Harry in the world?

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  1. My friend lost her five year old son to cancer three years ago. It hurts just to type that sentence.
    I will visit the web sites and order some books.
    My prayers go out to Devon.

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