Some good stuff

Dear God, thank you for sending Adrian Peterson to the University of Oklahoma. Amen.

OU 31. Tulsa 15. That’s still closer than it should have been, but we were in real danger of losing until Peterson broke the game open.

Also, many thanks to Walt Hicks of Hellbound Books. I’ve been working with Walt for … maybe seven years, back when he was running DeathGrip as an e-zine. Walt’s doing a great job with Hellbound Books, and the man means business. He published my short story “Path of Pins” in DeathGrip 3: It Came from the Cinema last year. Afterward, he upgraded the contract to pay all the contributors more money. Well, today I got a very nice check from Walt. He’s da man!

And, for anyone interested, “Path of Pins” will NOT be in the new version of Darkscapes, so you can only read it in DeathGrip 3: It Came from the Cinema. Go buy a copy.

I just had to go yell at some neighbor kids and send them home. Damn brats wouldn’t stop hitting my kids’ toys with a baseball bat. I gave them three warnings before I went out cussing and told them to go home. I’m developing a strong dislike for those particular kids.

Ulrik is calling me.

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  1. I thought my plane ride to LA would be full of Sooners, now I’m not so sure.
    Sorry I didn’t get my screenplay to you to read before my trip. It’s bascially done but I’m very unhappy with the romantic subplot and am planning major renovations. I should be back on schedule to meet you guys for lunch in a couple of weeks.

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