Some good stuff

Daisy is home. She’s not completely well, but she’s got some of her old spirit back and is eating and drinking. That she’s wagging her tail is a vast improvement. And, even better, the vet didn’t require a second mortgage on our house to pay him off. In fact, if you live in the OKC metro and need a vet, please consider Rock Knoll Animal Hospital on South Western Avenue. They were very caring and Dr. Calhoun took the time to explain Daisy’s issues and how we need to continue caring for her … and gave us a discount without pointing out he was doing it. He even gave us his home phone number in case Daisy relapses over the weekend.

Just got home from Barnes & Noble, where I spent the gift card Sheri gave me. Why did she give me a gift card? For recommending her for my old job at the South Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce. Yeah, that was damn nice of her, and very unexpected. I spent the card on pulpy goodness that doesn’t involve fruit. I picked up Robert E. Howard’s The Savage Tales of Solomon Kane, (I’ve never read any Kane stories), the second book of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan series, The Return of Tarzan, and Ralph Cotton’s Western novel Guns of Wolf Valley. Yes, I’m still wanting to write a Western.

The Horror World newsletter went out today with my “Home, Home on the ‘Net” interview of C. Dennis Moore. My in-depth interview with Kealan Patrick Burke is live on the Horror World Web site as of today, too.

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    glad to hear that daisy is doing well. i’m sure sara is happy. but just in case something happens (not jinxng it will), i know someone that has pups for sale. hopefully we wont need to go that direction. hope you enjoy your book.

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