So, I sent my agent a short note letting him know I’m now a trustee of the HWA. You know, those kinds of things sometimes matter to agents. He writes back and says he’s meeting with a movie producer tomorrow, and did I ever finish the screenplay I’d talked about? Well, sure did. And now he has a copy of it.

Probably nothing will come of it. The producer contacted my agent about another of his clients, so the producer may not even be interested in horror or werewolves. But hey, it’s worth a shot.

Then I got this other e-mail. See, I was supposed to meet a guy last weekend. I did, but we didn’t get to talk, so I e-mailed him after the con to see about continuing the conversation he initiated a few months back. Today he answered and it would seem this project he has in mind has the potential to be even bigger than he first told me. I’m dyin’ to get more details. And to share, but I swore I wouldn’t tell anyone. So this is all you get for now.

Apparently I was more nervous than I knew when I read my story last Friday night. So I’m gonna work on that. I’m gonna choose one of my stories and memorize the living hell out of it and practice reciting it in a more dramatic fashion. I’ll probably do an unpublished story. But, if you could pick one of my published stories, which one would it be?

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  1. Congrats! I always like to hear good news.
    Choose a story to read, huh? Okay, off the top of my head, “The Halloween Feast” and “Feast of Saratoga”.
    Now I’m off to Lancaster, Pa. with the entire gang until Saturday. Have a great week end.

    • Ya know, “The Halloween Feast” would be a good one, I think. I’ll have to think about that.
      I’m leaning toward an unpublished piece called “Noodlers Nab Nekkid Nymphos” because my Okie accent would actually be useful there.
      Have fun on your trip and drop me a line when you get back. I have such stories to tell you.

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