Silver-tongued devil

After a long discussion, I gave my 10-year-old daughter permission to have a boyfriend. Hell, I had girlfriends in grade school. The other night she decided she wanted her hair in curlers. The wife being at work, it fell to me to help her put curlers in her hair before she went to bed. She’s talking to her boyfriend on the phone as we finish. She starts to walk off and I say something like, “There, now you can look pretty for your boyfriend.” She listens to the phone for a second and then says, “He says I already am.”

Ugh. On the one hand, I think that’s cute and nice that he knows what a jewel my little girl is. On the other hand, I’m think, “You bastard. I know that game and I know what you’re after.” I just tell myself they’re only 10 years old. That’s good logic, right?

Found out yesterday my intern is getting Student of the Month for a recommendation I gave her a few months ago. She deserves it more now than she did then, and she was very deserving then. She gets a small scholarship as a prize. Good for her!

Still fighting with that assistant dean. I’d love to go on a tear about him here, but I’ll refrain. He’ll have to learn the hard way that thumping his chest and saying, “It must be done” isn’t going to make it happen.

The e-mail is coming in and there’ll be proofs to check in a minute. Time to focus on the job.

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