Signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs

Two church marquee signs seen on my drive to work:

Tithe! Anyone can honk


God supplies our needs, not our greeds

Guess which one was on a Baptist church.

In other news, there was a miscommunication about yesterday’s job interview. Eh, that’s what happens when e-mail is passed after business hours, I guess. I’m working to reschedule it.

Also in other news … nothing! haha

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  1. Those signs kill me…
    Every morning I pass a sign for a Used Car Dealer/Baptist Minister.
    I’ve always wondered… isn’t that a conflict of interests?

  2. on a large semi outside parked in the hardees lot tonight:
    Shaffer’s Specialized Lubricants
    how wrong is that? never NEVER want to see that outside a food place!!

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