She might as well go home

Doing my boss’s job while he’s out sucks. On the top of the “This sucks” list at the moment is dealing with vendors. Last Friday morning a representative from a new printing company called and wanted to come by and drop off a business card and talk about what we print and how her company can help meet our needs. Said she’d be here shortly after 1 p.m. She never arrived. Didn’t call to say she wasn’t coming, just left me waiting for her. Over an hour ago, she called back, barely let me speak, said she was on her way and would see me soon. She ain’t showed. I’ve been putting off making some phone calls so I would be available to deal with this rep when she gets here.

All I can say is, she better be prepared to offer some damn good deals, or she can take her business card and put it right up her … nose. What’d you think I was gonna say? I hate having my time wasted.

Speaking of my boss, he’s not better. He pulled out all his tubes yesterday and was able to talk. But today he regressed. The tubes are back, the oxygen is increased and he has a temperature of 104 F. The doctors are talking about putting him in an incubator. He’s still in the critical care cardiac unit.

I got Darkscapes sent off to the micropress interested in seeing it.

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  1. I just hope the company she works for doesn’t exhibit the same punctuality she does.
    Very sorry to hear your boss is still so ill.
    Good luck with the micropress.

    • She came … and brought the co-owner of the company with her. That didn’t make up for not bringing any samples of the company’s work, though. Sheesh. Their business cards have a Bible verse at the bottom; our graphic designer will freak over that.
      I guess you have to go to New Jersey to get really good printing service, huh?

      • Oh my gosh…so that’s what I’ve been doing wrong? And here I thought the way to obtain perspective clients was to show the quality printing we produce. Well, live and learn. New Jersey! Bite your tongue! For high quality printing you must go to New York. Ha, ha.
        A bible verse? Okayyy…

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