I suppose this is a venture I should have tried when I first lost my job last June. But, you know, I had no idea that I’d still be without full-time work eight months later. Just getting an interview for a PR/writing/editing job has proven incredibly difficult in this job market. Schools are preparing to hire teachers … to start when the 2006-07 school year begins, so that avenue isn’t looking real good right now.

With unemployment just about to run out, I’m going to try to launch to communications consulting business. While working for local papers, I’d often receive press releases that were horribly written. Often, papers will use press releases for filler, without doing follow-ups to flesh out a full story. A busy reporter who has to rewrite press releases for filler generally will hack away everything but the lead, while a well-written release has a better chance of being cut and pasted into the paper, delivering most, if not all, the information. So I’m going to start off by targeting some of those business types that sent the worst press releases.

OKC has some PR firms, but most are pretty expensive and wouldn’t bother with, say, a bank wanting to send a release announcing the appointment of a new vice president. I’m willing to take on those little jobs, and I have the media contacts to increase the chances of such things actually seeing print.

I’ve talked this over with the president of the chamber of commerce where I work part-time and she thinks there’s a decent shot of this taking off. Maybe to the point where I’d be losing money taking a teaching job in the fall. I don’t know about that … but I’m at the point where I gotta do something.

Wish me luck!

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