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I got an e-mail from the publisher at Scrybe Press this morning. I sent the cleaned up version of Seven Days in Benevolence to him last night and asked about Shara again. There’s good and bad in his answer. I should have copies in my hands by April 15, the day I’m scheduled to speak to the Kansas Writers Association in Wichita. I suppose I don’t necessarily need copies before then, but the date I’ll have books in my hands just keeps getting pushed back.

So anyway, if you’re waiting for Shara, there’s the new date for you.

No word yet on when the print version of Seven Days in Benevolence will be available. And, of course, no word on when Ulrik will be published.

Editing is ongoing with Ulrik. Besides Kim’s suggestions, there are other things I wanted to change. Finding information on small towns in Mexico is not at all easy online. So instead of setting a good deal of the book outside La Gavia, which I could find out very little about, I’m creating my own Mexican village called Las Sombras. This will actually work out well in the long run for reasons you’ll see when you read the book.

Last night Kim and I discussed Ulrik in comparison to The Empire Strikes BackThe Two Towers and The Vampire Lestat. She hasn’t read either of the books there (watching the movies and reading Interview with a Vampire was enough for her). Her biggest complaint with Ulrik is that “nothing happens.” I think that’s a little extreme, but the novel is meant to be the second act of a longer piece, and typically the second act is … slower. While Ulrik doesn’t end as wide open as The Vampire Lestat, it doesn’t have a massive battle of Helm’s Deep ending, either (and yes, I know Helm’s Deep is actually in the middle of the The Two Towers book). I think The Empire Strikes Back is the best comparison, but Kim disagrees. Hmm. Now I’ve said that and can’t really explain why without spoiling some of the story. So … Ha! You’ll just have to read it. Eventually.

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  1. if you need any help with details of small mexican towns, i’m your girl! yea, the one they pay to be locked up in a cage all day! i do have some knowledge of my own heritage. oh, and pictures, too.

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