Scream of Humanity

Dan at Meat Grinder Press just let me know that he’s accepted my short story “Scream of Humanity” for publication in an upcoming issue of the magazine.

What happens when an inexperienced, curious doctor fails to swat a newborn baby that hasn’t drawn its first breath? Read “Scream of Humanity” to find out!

Don’t forget that the current issue of Meat Grinder Press has the interview Nick Cook did with me.

In other news, I had a very strange dream this morning. Kim and I were in a house that had been trashed. I mean, really trashed … satanic graffiti on the walls, human waste smeared everywhere, furniture torn up, partially burned, etc. And there were bodies. An older man and woman. They were in an advanced state of decay, zipped into clear plastic bags like you’d store a wedding dress in and hung from heavy duty hooks on the wall in the kitchen. Before calling the police, I wanted to take pictures, and tried to do so with a camera we used to have, but it wasn’t working. Then there was a … jump in the dream-time and I knew we’d called the police. But the bodies where now laying on a table, still in the bags. I asked Kim who moved them and she said it must have been the cops. I argued that the police hadn’t arrived yet. Then I woke up … knowing that the bodies were us and that we’d been ghosts in the dream.

If there’s a creepier way to start the day, I haven’t experienced it.

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