School visit

I visited with 7th graders at my son’s junior high this evening. Eleven of the kids wrote, designed and published books as a project for their English and reading classes. It was quite an experience. Five of the young authors were present and talked about their books, which ranged from a tale about a pencil that took a boy to different places, an auto-biography, a non-fiction book about skateboarding, another about a haunted house and one called The Chainsaw Maniac. The young lady who authored The Chainsaw Maniac was quite the horror enthusiast, too. They all seemed like really good kids.

Three of them asked me to sign their books. That was quite an honor for me. They worked really hard on the stories and illustrations and design. Having them ask me to add my name to their work was pretty humbling.

I also signed a bunch of bookmarks that have my Web site on them. So … if those young authors have found their way here, welcome, and congratulations again on completing your first books!

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  1. I’ll bet they remember that night for quite some time.
    If I have to be on how these kids are going to turn out,
    my money’s on the author of “The Chainsaw Maniac” for
    being the best adjusted.

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