SBC Yahoo, part 2

Still no Internet connection at home. I even went out and bought the network adaptor I needed ($15.99 at Best Buy). I surprised even myself by figuring out how to install it and doing so without frying the inside of my computer with the dreaded static electricity. Put it all back together, put in the installation CD … and made it further into the process than I did before installing the new card. But eventually I was blocked again.

So I called tech support. I was on the phone quite a while, eating up my cell phone minutes because the first guy I talked to had me unplug my land phone and plug the DSL line directly into the wall. The second guy, who was very nice, finally opened a “trouble ticket” for me. It was 4 p.m. He said there was a four-hour window and someone would call me by 8 p.m. Kim just called me at work to let me know that SBC called. It was about 8:30 a.m., so they were only 12.5 hours late. And they called the home phone instead of my cell phone despite the guy in tech support saying he was making a note on the ticket to call my cell phone. Kim hasn’t messed with the installation and all she could really do was relay my bitching to them without much detail.

Backtrack a bit. This morning the light on the DSL modem that had been alternately blinking red and green was now a solid green. “Aha!” me thinks. “They got it fixed.” So I sit down with my nutritious pop tart breakfast and Diet Coke and proceed with the installation CD again. And I got further into the process than ever before. But eventually I was blocked again.

Now they think the problem is our home security system. So they’re sending a technician out today. Normally, that’s a $150 expense, which is why I set out to install this crap myself. But, since they didn’t ask me about a security system up front, they told Kim they’d waive the technician fee. They damn well better, but I won’t be at all surprised to see that $150 charge on my next bill. At which point I’ll raise so much hell Lucifer will think somebody pulled the plug on his lake of fire.

Maybe when the technician is there I can tell him to get the neighbor’s damn telephone cable out of my back yard, too. Months ago a technician came knocking on my door wanting access to the back yard to fix the phone line for a neighbor. He trampled my bamboo privacy mess and left a cable strung across the yard near the fence. If I didn’t like the neighbor I’d have mowed over that friggin cable a long time ago.

Anyway, I’ll answer what e-mail I can this morning. Hopefully I can be back online late today. Gregg, your e-mail is very interesting and will require much thought, so I doubt I get back to you today. But you (and anyone who hasn’t) should definitely read Stephen King’s Danse Macabre for information on horror archetypes. (I think he short-changed the werewolves, but it’s still a good starting point.)

Red Dirt Book Festival. Come see me.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your connection troubles.
    As for Danse Macabre, I’d would suggest it’s essential reading. When I first started out exploring the horror genre, that was my guidebook! Even now, I still dip into it every now and again.

  2. Oh yeah! I’ve read Danse Macabre — not too long ago in fact! I’ve read it twice, and both times I was reminded of some really good stuff out there that gets overlooked by horror connoisseurs like X: The Man With X-Ray Eyes.
    I’ll be looking for your email, but I understand your techno troubles… I just appreciate you taking the time to mess with it.

  3. What wonderful memories you bring to mind…like the week of hell I went through with my computer and wanted to throw it out the damn window.

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