Sanity has left the body

What a day! I’m sure I’ve been busier, but it’s been a couple of months
since I’ve been as busy as I was today. I’ve been deluged with little
news bits that need press releases. So much so that even with my intern
writing several of them I can’t keep up with sending them all. I mean,
I just can’t send six press releases in one day. That’s overkill.

Today the BBC was on campus. Showing them around took up most of the
morning. That was fun, actually, helping them find the corridor they
need and a room and discussing lighting and such. And, of course,
talking to Brits is always an experience. I kept having <i>Shaun
of the Dead</i> moments, though … wanting to ask if they
brought a cricket bat and stuff.

Those of you who know me well know how disorganized I am. The past
several days I’ve actually had to resort to making notes to myself
before I leave work so I can remember everything I have to do the next
day. And then I don’t get it all done because new stuff comes in. It’s

The highlight of the day, really, was a phone call from the president
of the OCU Societies. She raved about knowing a published author. I
know it’s still all small press, but she went so far as to look me up
on the B&N Web site to talk about the books. And she asked if I
have anything appropriate for her 12-year-old nephew. Of course, I
don’t. Not published. I do have some short stories that were recovered
of an old zip disk, though. I wonder if I could get Scrybe Press
interested in a really short collection of a few “quiet” horror stories
fit for all ages.

I kicked ass editing last night. The kids played outside and were
behaved and the young ones stayed where I could watch them from my
window and I swear I ripped through about 150 pages. I was on fire.
This book will be edited and printed this weekend and in the mail to
Lantz on Monday. It’s not a traditional zombie novel, but I’m hoping
the fact it has a zombie in it will help get publisher interest, what
with the pending new George A. Romero dead movie coming, and Brian
Keene’s <i>The Rising</i> being optioned for film, video
game, comics and a daytime soap. Okay, maybe the soap isn’t true …

I’ve given my critique group two chapters of <i>Bold
Bounty</i> now. Gayleen has read both and says she really likes
it. From her comments, I guess I did a good job of describing the
Viking hero in a way that appeals to women. I’m reading Gayleen’s
latest mystery and it’s going along nicely. She’s come up with a fun
way of making her series unique, drawing on her own experience.
Intrigued? She’ll be published some day soon and you’ll see what I mean.

The kids are in. Jacob is attacking Amanda, so it must be just about bedtime.

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